Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lets Talk Fishing

In many places I have pitched my tent,
I have found some great fishing. Since
I am from the Midwest, we are talking
freshwater fishing today. The species
most commonly found here are perch,
(if you are having a good day, "jumbo
perch"), walleye, northern pike, both
smallmouth and largemouth bass,
bluegill, sunfish, crappie and some
of what we call scavenger fish, carp
catfish and bullheads. Not all people
like the scavenger fish. The reason
for this is that they feed on the
bottom which causes mud and debris
to rise up, thus ruining the habitat for
the other fish. This usually happens in
smaller lakes and ponds and also depends
on the area you are fishing. So next time
you set up camp, don't forget to bring
along your fishing pole and fishing tackle.
Different states have different rules and
regulations, so be sure to become familiar
with these. Also don't forget to purchase
a fishing license. I have found these in
bait and tackle shops, department stores,
and I even found a guy selling licenses in
an antique shop! What I am mainly talking
about is this writing are smaller inland lakes
ponds and rivers away from the great lakes,
which I will discuss another time. Which
types of fishing tackle to use will also be
reviewed. Meanwhile....Happy Fishing!