Monday, October 09, 2006

Campout Cooking Tips or Camp Cookery

Have you ever heard the saying, "Food cooked outdoors
just tastes better"? Well I totally agree with this concept.
I have been a camper and outdoorsman for over 30 years
and I would like to share with you some tips to help you
enjoy cooking and dining in the great outdoors. There are
three ways I generally cook, my charcoal grill, yes, I do
prefer charcoal because of the flavor it adds to the food,
over a blazing campfire, and on a camping stove.
Which ever way you prefer, here are some tips and ideas
to help you enjoy your outdoor cooking experience.

  • On meats, there are two ways I generally use to trans-

port and keep meats fresh. One way is to freeze your

meats before you load them into your cooler. This way

they will stay fresh much longer and it also helps to

keep the cooler cold longer. The one drawback to this

is if your destination is only a short distance away, there

you are with a lump of frozen meat. So another method

I use is to shop at the local food market close to your

campground. This way you are buying fresh meat that

can be ready to use as soon as you set up camp.

  • Use two coolers, one for your beverages and one

for the food. This way you are not opening the food

cooler too often. You may also wish to freeze non-

carbonated beverages.

  • Many side dishes can be prepared ahead of time.

Cook rice and pastas at home and put them in air tight

containers or zip lock bags. You can also pre-chop

your onions, cucumbers, peppers ect to save time at

the campground.

  • Instead of using stick butter or margerine, you can

use reclosable tubs or squeeze bottles. These store better

in your cooler and are not so messy.

  • To keep your pots and pans from being burnt or

scortched, put a thin coating of dishwashing liquid on

the bottom of the pans before cooking.

  • I always find it handy to have aluminum foil at the

camp. It can be used to cook foods that burn easily, such

as fish, and can be used to store leftovers.

  • On the subject of cooking fish on the grill in

aluminium foil, I find a fast and easy method is to coat

the inside of the foil with butter or margerine and rub

your preferred spices into the spread you are using.

Squeeze some lemon juice over the fish. Wrap the fish

tightly in the foil and turn over often. The fish is done

when it flakes off nicely. Be careful, when you open the

foil hot steam will come out.

  • Bring some good cooking utensils such as tongs for

turning over meats and sausages, a metal spatula, a large

metal fork, a large metal spoon and a BBQ brush for

applying those tasty BBQ sauces. Also bring a wire brush

or a scraper to clean your grill top.

  • Bring along a good supply of garbage bags. Keep a

clean camping area to avoid any unwanted visitors such

as racoons and other night creatures. If you are camping

in a remote area where you have to pack out your refuse,

hang it from a tree at night.

I hope these "Camp Cookery" tips will make your next

camping trip more enjoyable and time saving around

the cook fire. Happy Camping!


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

Really enjoy your blog. My husband and I went fishing for the first time recently, and although we didn't catch anything we'd love to do it again. Can you give any tips on equipment and so forth, and the mechanics of the thing? You can even talk about bait - I'm not squeamish!

Thank you,
Mrs. A. Lawrence


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